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whether the case may be carried along until the child

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tion tliis morning we found the cellular tissue of the

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and that further study was needed in the area of granting

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staple elements of life, though the use of much meat is not

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■gain rapidly increased in size, and paracentesis was again had recourse to. The

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of a study that is usually very dull and heavy. The arrangement of

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fouiH of aciitf ditTnsi' ncpliiitis. In tlu-sc i-asoH the o'dcniu and whjti'

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it passes at a focus through the slits. The beam is caught by another

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Case IL — Simple transverse fracture of the femur shaft; Lane

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allied species, and passing the greater part of its life in one host, is

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laboratory aids of a fine technique are invaluable and indispensable ;

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of rheumatism, was a reproach to the medical profession. Tliere was evidence

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nephews with the disease by introducing with a needle, bloody matter taken

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full regeneration may be expected. The adjustment should be

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that both these substances are derived from ideal conditions for producing gall-stones,

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can iiistiTy. The surgeoii cannot, with moral propriety, put to hazard

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correspond with the observed effect of the additional medicines

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had succeeded in securing union with an almost entire

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syodermas (impetigo, ecthyma, sycosis vulgaris, paronychia) • secondarily

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Relations of the Profession to the Laity. — ^These were

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too common practice of permitting druggists and instrument

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such as after operating on a bile-duct, or a doubtful ap-

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to throw himself as a beneficiary upon societies to which he belonged.

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spiration the pulmonary circulation through the dilated pulmonary vessels improves;

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scribes for himself. This self-treatment may add greatly to the

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Japan. Cultures were taken in all but one, in which the muscle inflam-

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3. Intubation is the best method of permitting the removal ot the

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tal, been in the hands of sisters coming from one of the insti-

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measured four inches in the long diameter and about two

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hypermetropic eye is the normal refractive condition m

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and the ulcers on the body began to heal. On March 27 the primary sore was

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ease. To this report are appended the history of two cases of

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53 A Case of Diphtheria Treated by Behring's Serum. By Roland Hill, M. D., C. M.,

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It is charged to supply information on the trend of opinion on

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panied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto or device and

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quotation from the classics and added a short sketch of how our

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the uterus and appendages were, removed. On March 2 the bladder was

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only, the surgical branch being delegated, we assume,

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augmented had it included the results arrived at by suck of his friends

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