vegetarian shoes children

vegetarian shoes children

vegetarian shoes children

Am I still a vegetarian if I wear leather shoes?

I am a vegetarian due to religious beliefs but as I am still classed as a child my parents are in charge of me, they brought me some leather shoes which I don't want to wear but I have to or else I have to walk around bare footed when I go to school, which is against school rules. I can't disobey them so I was wondering am I still a vegetarian because I'm getting bullied at school that I'm not no matter what the reasons are apparently I'm not a vegetarian, please help :(

Yes you are a vegetarian. Go ahead and wear them, you need to. vegans dont wear animal products to their best ability. Its great that you have strong beliefs, but since its your only option, just go ahead.

I'm sorry you are being bullied. Go ahead and send me an email from my profile if you want, i'd love to help you out and talk with you. I've gone through it as well. Im a teenager so I would understand I believe.

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Vegetarian in the Family - Comedy Time

Is Fighting Disease With Medicines Right Answer?

How can you expect a child to recover from disease, become and stay vibrantly well by just taking a course of antibiotics or medicines? Often, relief from the symptoms is seen but this is followed by substandard health, which is the opposite of vitality, and many times the disease will re-occur again. I commonly see children that have had three, four and more repeat prescriptions of antibiotics for the same condition in the same season. 

This is not only unhealthy for the child and a statement as to the effectiveness of 'the method' of modern medicine in this application, but is also really a reflection that the parent is out of control of their child's health. It reveals a deficiency in the method of medical disease care in the modern society. It also reveals that 'preventative medicine', which I call 'lifestyle education', is not being practiced by the parents in relation to their children. In my experience I have seen very little evidence of parents being educated as to how to create healthy robust children.

Very often I see children after they have been treated by many courses of medicines designed to remove symptoms and not causes. The result is these children are, without exception, run down and unhealthy. And this is not because of their original condition. It is because of all the strong drugs used to 'fight the disease.' No wonder the problem keeps coming back! Often the symptoms may change and become more deep-seated and chronic and then taking on a new name with different but related symptoms. 

According to the press, in southeast Queensland, more medications such as antibiotics are prescribed than any other place on the earth. Antibiotics are in most cases routinely prescribed for most ear, nose, throat and bronchial problems. The prescriptions are often written so that they can be repeated many times. This is not only unsuccessful, it's also unhealthy and thus is not a wise choice of the method of treatment. The effects of strong medications are harmful to the body. Particularly new, young, developing bodies and minds, as you will shortly see. 

"Australians are prescribed more antibiotics per head than any other western nation. Their widespread over-use may also contribute to the growing problem of bacteria developing resistance to the drugs," reports Dr Christopher Del Mar, in his research paper published in the Australian Medical Journal 1992: "We are at the top of the league in prescribing, yet there is no demonstrated benefit." 

"Side effects of antibiotics include rashes, thrush, and possible allergic and fatal reactions. Antibiotic sales have doubled since the mid 80S." (The Bulletin with Newsweek, April 1994.) 

There are more adverse side effects of antibiotics than these cited in Newsweek. One significant side effect of allowing you child to have repeated courses of antibiotics is that of slowing down the development of your child. This is a very serious side effect and warns against their value of this form of treatment for your child. 

"The difference in the occurrence of developmental delays between children who take high doses of antibiotics and those who don't is outstanding," says a co-founder of the US Developmental Delay Registry.

In a survey including children aged between 1 and 12 years of age, it was found that those who had taken more than 20 courses of antibiotics are over 50% more likely to suffer developmental delays. Children who had three or fewer courses of antibiotics were half as likely to become developmentally delayed. A nutritionist with the Registry cautions: 

"Parents should be put on notice that utilizing antibiotics as a prophylactic could jeopardize their children's development. We believe alternative approaches to treating ear infections should be considered." (The New Vegetarian and Natural Health, Autumn 2000.)

It is an unhealthy and serious problem. More and more medicines are being prescribed every year and to what effect? According to the reports, this form of wide spread over-prescribing is doing no good at all. A common example of prescribing medicines to treat the symptoms of disease and not the cause is in the case of the condition known as asthma.

What is the result if this method of treatment and 'medicine mentality' continues? The child has a very good chance of remaining on this medication for the rest of its restricted life. This is an example of the tragic situation of what is happening to our children in this and most modern countries. This is not only because the medicines are not removing the cause, but also because parents are not taught to consider the cause of the disease and take an active role of prevention and building health in their children. Permanent medication is a danger to the long-term health of the individual taking it. 

Taking permanent medication has four main dangers: 
• The body is adaptive and can become 'more reliant' on the medication.

• The body becomes more encumbered, unhealthy and reactive to new chemicals in foods and the environment because the cause has not been removed. 

• The toxic side effects of the medicine over years of consuming it have a negative effect on the liver, kidneys other internal organs including the brain and its function!

Lastly and very importantly, taking medicines on a permanent basis will give a 'false sense of security' because it removes or, at least reduces and to an extent controls the annoying symptoms (which are the body's warning signs that something is wrong). This is extremely dangerous as the following story reveals. 

I have a newspaper report of a 29-year-old nurse. She had suffered from asthma all her life and was on medication for it. One weekend she went to Brisbane (72 km away from the Gold Coast) for the weekend and forgot to take her medication. While there she went to a party and had some foods and drink that brought on an asthma attack. With no medication handy, she suffocated and died because she could not breathe! 

My question is this: Was the medical 'drug' treatment she had followed all her life successful? NO! The treatment all those years was only suppressing (hiding) the symptoms and the underlying cause was never considered exposed and removed! Because of this, it was only a matter of the combination of the wrong conditions to be present for the person get into trouble. 

This is what is happening all over Australia and the modern world because people are brought up not to think but to foilov along what everybody else does and not asking the golden questions, "it is causing this condition?” and” How can we remove the cause and overcome it completely!” And if you are not satisfied with the anwers. Seek out another opinion from an alternate source!

That's what you need. That's what you're paying for your children’s! And that's what you demand!

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Raising Vegetarian Children

Raising Vegetarian Children


When parents choose a vegetarian lifestyle for their child, it can set family fingers wagging in dietary disapproval. It's no easier on steak-loving parents when Junior announces he's sworn off meat. With the strategies inRaising Vegetarian Children, parents can ease family tensions and learn to accommodate the nutritional and emotional needs of their vegetarian offspring.It includes a detailed explanation of the Vegetarian Food Pyramid and its vitamin- and protein-rich foods, allays concerns over dietary gaps, and is packed with recipes that will please any growing vegetarian, from infant to teenager.

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