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Putting Your Dog on a Diet With Green Beans

Many of you are already familiar with the popular trend of Green bean Diets for dogs, to the extent you might have even been tempted to use it. But what exactly does it consist of, and would it actually be beneficial for your dog. Green beans are considered to be a very nutritious vegetable, with a high content of protein. The nutritional value is so high, vegetarians use it to replace meat requirements.

The first rule when attempting to put your dog on this diet, is understanding that he cannot survive on Green Beans alone. Feeding your dog nothing but beans is a sure recipe for health problems. You will have to find a breaking point between regular dog food and Green Beans in order to allow your dog all the nutrients he requires. A balanced diet is on the best interest of your dog. Do some cross reference and research in order to come up with a meal plan that includes all four food groups.

Thus, the ideal recipe for a Green Bean Diet would be mixing some of your dog's dry food with the beans. The beans are also an excellent alternative for treats, to feed your dog between meals. Green Beans act as a filler on your dog's food, keeping your dog satisfied and content.

Every dog is not a candidate for Green beans. The bean diet is often suggested for dogs suffering from overweight issues. However, it is often the case that the dog is kept on the Green Bean Diet after overweight treatment just to make sure he stays on the right path.

Dogs are usually pleased when finding a portion of green beans in their plate, in rare occasions will they turn their nose away from it. If the dog is happy with food that makes him healthy, you will probably be cheerful as well. For some older dpgs, there might be a period of adjustment necessary for him to assimilate the taste of the new food. Be patient, and let him get accustomed at his own pace. There is no need to shove the beans into your dog's mouth, this will only be worse in the end.

A factor to take into account when inducing green beans in your dog's plate is the additional amount of fiber. Consequences, if any, will show in the dog's excrement and should be monitored closely. You might want to start by adding small amounts of beans, and slowly progress to higher quantities. Some people prefer to add green beans but once a day, just to make sure the dog will assimilate this nutrient appropriately, and decide from there whether to increase the amounts or make a halt.

Remember you won't be stuffing your dog's plate with whole cans of beans at a time. You might want to buy some storage bins with a lid to keep the extra beans in the refrigerator. Keep track of how much you will be using, and stick to your plan. Cans of green beans will store well in dry, unrefrigerated places for months. But once the can has been opened, it will need to be covered in a cool dry place, and will only last a few days in reusable condition.

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Vegetarian Nutrition

Vegetarian Nutrition


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The Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Guide (Paperback)

The Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Guide (Paperback)


Exercise, train, and compete at your best on a vegetarian diet. Few segments of the population are more mindful of their food intake than athletes and vegetarians. This book combines the unique demands of sports with a healthy vegetarian diet that can help you build energy and endurance and reduce body fat. Whether you are carbo-loading before a marathon or fine-tuning nutrition to get the most out of your workout, registered dietitian and elite vegetarian athlete Lisa Dorfman provides step-by-step information on how to customize your own sport-specific nutrition program and calculate a personal dietary plan for training

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