vegetarian jello shots

vegetarian jello shots

vegetarian jello shots

Vegetarian Jello shots?

Does anyone know any good vegetarian recipe for jelly shots or where to get the jelly shots?

you could use the agar agar, which is vegan. Gels to be super fast. I've never had a shot gelatin, so I'm not sure of the consistency, but you can experience agar-agar with its very forgiving. It gels in a matter of minutes, maybe experiment with different quantities. Its sold as a powder in health food stores and works well better than the gelatin, I think Good luck and have fun!


College Vegetarian Cooking (Paperback)

College Vegetarian Cooking (Paperback)


Beyond Rice Cakes and RamenQuiz time! Vegetarianism is:A) strictly for humorless health nuts.B) fine if you actually like brown rice. I guess.C) what? I wasn` t sleeping, I was resting my eyes. Can you repeat the q...

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How-To Make Jello Shots: Green Advice on a Party Classic

Weird and Wonderful Recipes Just For Fun

There have always been really strange recipes around that are passed from kitchen to kitchen until they fade and a new fad takes over. Usually they are perfectly edible, they may even taste quite good, but at least one ingredient is strange or used in a peculiar way.

Bacon Mugs

I found a version of this on Stumble. The resulting mugs make great containers for salads, rice etc. Use small ovenproof dishes upside down. These you cover with foil pressed well down. These you cover with bacon. I t is best if you cross two rashers over the upturned base and then wind one or two more rashers in and out to make a bacon basket. Cook these on a baking tray to catch drips. How long they take to become crisp will depend upon the bacon and your oven. A hot oven is best, but may produce some smoke. The bacon will shrink of course, but removed carefully from the foil after cooling and they should keep their shape. I must try this with vegetarian bacon, but these crisp up really quickly so keep a careful eye on them. Another idea might be to create a basket in a long, shallow dish.

Carrot Jam

This comes from a Second World War time book, so is really old. The fact that the recipe has survived this long must mean that it is worth making. Next time I make carrot cake I will split it and spread it with some of this. I cannot give quantities as it depends upon how much mashed carrot you have.

Wash and peel your carrots. Chop them small and boil in slightly salted water until soft. Drain and sieve or chop finely in a food processor. To one pound of this pulp add on pound of sugar , 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger and the juice and grated zest of a lemon. Boil all these together as when making any other jam. Pot when it begins to get thick.

Rose Petal Jam

My darling Granddad would allow me to pick his precious roses to make this. Some petals, especially white ones need trimming at the end where they join the flower as this part of the petal can produce a bitter taste.

2 mugs of rose petals packed fairly tightly, 2 ½ mugs of sugar, 2 mugs of warm water, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Cut the petals into ¼ inch strips. Cover with the water and cook for about 10 minutes. Strain this, reserving the petals, and use the liquid to make a syrup with the sugar and honey. Boil and then simmer for 5 minutes before adding the petals once more. Then cook on the lowest possible flame for about 40 minutes- an asbestos mat helps with this recipe. Add the lemon juice and cook for a further 20 minutes. Pour into sterile pots and seal. Some would want to add a little colouring, but I am a purist and never do.

Jelly Fruit - Americans would probably call these Jello Fruit.

I remember these as a great treat at birthdays when I was a child. Somehow eating the jelly from out of a fruit shell made it taste better - at least in my imagination.

Each fruit will give you 4 portions. Halve your oranges. Remove all the flesh taking care not to damage the skins. Place the dry skins upright on a tray, or better still balance them in muffin tins which means that they stay upright more easily. Make up your jelly/jello a little thicker than normal and pour into the empty shells as full as you can as it shrinks a little when it sets. Place the tray in fridge and let set. Then cut each half shell once more so that the orange shell is now in quarters which make them much easier to eat. All you have to do now is to think of something to do with all that orange flesh. Now that my family is grown I wonder if it will work as jelly shots?

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Jello with Molds

Jello with Molds


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Big Bad-ass Book Of Shots

Big Bad-ass Book Of Shots


Here's a hip, authoritative guide to shots, shooters, and slammers, destined to become the twenty-something barfly's bible. Totally indulgent, unabashedly devoted to silly, free-spirited fun, it's packaged in a chunky format. And it's sure to eliminate the competition because of the astonishing volume and variety of recipes: more than 1,400 recipes include such college standards as the Body Shot, Jello Shot, Tequila Slammer, and Lemon Drop, plus hundreds of wild and crazy variations. Recipes are accompanied by photographs of highly collectible shot glasses, emblazoned with all manner of images and mottoes.

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