vegetarian indian food nyc

vegetarian indian food nyc

vegetarian indian food nyc

Has anyone been to Dawat in New York? Vegetarian Dim Sum House?

I will visit New York this weekend and would like to see some restraunts. I have your cookbook and would like some information about moderation. I love Indian food. Are there any recommendations? I am a vegetarian and would appreciate any suggestions. I stay near Columbus Circle, so anything with easy access to the meter would be helpful.

Dawat is great, Amma is the food India in the middle, but a block of Indian restaurants on Lexington Avenue from 27th Street to 29th Street, you'll find tons of great eats there.

New Delhi Indian Restaurant - San Francisco

Best Kulfi in Nyc

If it’s kulfi, it’s got to be Asharfi, and sure enough any Ambavadi will vouvh for it Ironically, Asharfi’s success story started with selling kulfi from his tiny larri at Law Garden to the biggest name in the kulfi business in town today. Young Ramchandra Gupta migrated to ahmedabad from Sonai in Mainpuri district of Uttarpradesh, only with dream of making it big.

He decided to sell kulfi. His expertise in kulfi making and Asharfi’s capital, set the ball rolling in 1954. Here they used to make about 5kg kulfi daily. Enough to sell off the same day, at 1.20 paisa per tin ( kulfi mould ) of the cream treat. During the day and night he sold kulfi from the larri (stall). Three years down the line Ramchandra Gupta embark full time in to kulfi making and marketing. He was then jointed by his sons. He was then help out by his sons in his booming business.

By 1960 the entire family was staying at a house in Bank of Baroda, Gandhi road and they also set up their own manufacturing unit at the Bank of Baroda, Opp. Gandhi Road. The larri (stall) at Law Garden now graduated into shop. By this time they were selling malai, pista, badam and kesar kulfi but now there are many flavours. Ramchandra Gupta’s son Harish five years old then, used to help him.

Drain the almonds and place three-quarters of them in a liquidiser with the reserved milk. Blend the mixture until the almonds are roughly ground. The mixture should be crunchy. Add the almond mixture and sugar to the hot milk and continue simmering, for a further 10 to 20 minutes, stirring constantly. This allows the flavour of the almonds to penetrate the milk.

Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool to room temperature, then place in the refrigerator until chilled. Roughly chop the remaining almonds and stir them into chilled milk with the double cream and rose water. Stir thoroughly so that the ingredients are well and truly mixed. Pour into a metal cone-shaped container, or any other suitable freezer container, and freeze until solid. Transfer to the refrigerator 20 minutes before serving, then turn out if necessary. Ready you are Kulfi Please visit in the site for extra details.

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Vegetarian Indian Food & Cooking (Hardcover)

Vegetarian Indian Food & Cooking (Hardcover)


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A Portion of Vegetarian Food

A Portion of Vegetarian Food


Niclas Albinsson A Portion of Vegetarian Food - Photographic Print

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