vegetarian grilling ideas

vegetarian grilling ideas

vegetarian grilling ideas

Cooking-vegetarian recipes / ideas?

My family is vegetarian (nearly vegan). I'm thinking of putting together a vegetarian roast / barbecue. I think the Gardenburger flame grilled burgers vegan will be my "Burger" of choice, but have not much experience with vegetarian hot dogs. What are your favorites? In addition, other recipes / ideas for dinner. I'm thinking fake sausage and pepper skewers and vegetarian pasta and potato salad. Ideas? Unfortunately, we have no Trader Joes, Whole Foods or anywhere near us, but I've been in Whole Foods and I love it. Portabello are a good idea, too. thanks!

I personally believe that dogs are very serious vegetarians and eat only burgers I do. But for other things like vegetables, skewered vegetables would be good, or roasted grilled ... throw a vegetable mixture on a piece of paper with some onions and garlic and some kind of dressing or Bragg, Close the foil up tight and paste it into the grill (make a package for each person). You can make a tuna salad also false, macaroni salad and Portobello burgers, a plate of vegetables crude, homemade French fries, corn on the cob is always good broiled, grilled potatoes, etc, etc

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How To Make A Veggie Burger

Are you tired of the usual appetizers served in restaurants or at your home? Would you like to have something different for a change? If yes, then you should try paninos and discover how tempting and delicious they are.  (Many people call panini, paninos however the proper name for grilled sandwiches is Panini.)

Panini are gourmet sandwiches stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses and high quality toppings and sauces. They are often served in restaurants as appetizers. They can be stuffed with just about anything you can think of.  If you are still unfamiliar with Panini, here are the top fivethings you should know about them:

1. Panini are very nutritious
If you want a tasty yet healthy treat, panini can provide you with both. Although they are made with superior cheeses and meats, you can also include vegetables and fruits in your panini. You can add sliced onions, sliced green peppers, sliced black olives, cucumber and pineapple.

2. Panini taste great grilled
Just like your favorite sandwiches, panini taste best when grilled. Make mouthwatering panini by grilling them on low heat for several minutes or until golden brown. Most people prefer using slightly stale bread compared to fresh since it is usually crispier when grilled.  Bread that is a day or two old can also stand up to the grilling process better.

3. Panini are the best appetizers
Do you often wonder what to serve company?  Panini make fantastic appetizers.  You can pretty much put anything in them, even leftovers, grill them before your company arrives, place them on a baking sheet and in the oven to stay warm.  Cut them up, place them on a nice platter and your company will be wowed!  If you have leftover chicken, make some chicken panini by adding provolone or mozzarella cheese to some ciabatta bread.  Throw in some Italian dressing, pesto or hummus and you have a delicious appetizer that will blow your guests away.

4. Panini are easy to prepare
You don’t need to be a professional chef in order to make panini.  You don’t even need a lot of skill.  Seriously, panini are probably the easiest food you’ll ever prepare. Panini are rarely the same because every time you make them something different will go into them.  Leftovers, frittata (omelet), chocolate, etc… If you can imagine it, you can make it!  You can also surf the Internet or purchase a panini recipe book to help you get on your way. 

5. Panini are fun to prepare
You can enjoy preparing panini with your loved ones especially with your kids. Panini are so much fun to make and you can experiment with different ingredients.  Cut up all kinds of vegetables, cheese and cooked chicken breasts or ground beef.  This will allow your kids to pick what they want to put in their panini.  You can make Italian panini, Mexican panini, and even pizza-style panini depending on the ingredients you use.

It helps to know what exactly that panini are Italian sandwiches.  It’s also great to know the benefits of panini like the fact that you can make them in minutes and that they can be very healthy.  Remember that paninos (a.k.a panini) are very nutritious appetizers which are easy and fun to make.

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The tantalizing smoky aroma of food cooking on a hot grill can draw a hungry crowd in a matter of minutes. Who can resist chicken or baby back ribs brushed with a sweet and spicy marinade? Whether you have a charcoal or gas grill in your backyard, an array of delicious grilling recipes awaits you in this cookbook.Williams-Sonoma Collection Grilling offers more than 40 recipes, including updated classic fare and exciting new ideas. Tempt guests with an elegant grilled entrée of scallops brushed with spicy wasabi or perhaps savory portobello mushrooms dressed with herb-infused olive oil. If you`re craving a juicy steak or seared tuna, a recipe from the meat or seafood chapters is sure to please. A selection of vegetable recipes provides plenty of ideas, both for healthful accompaniments or stand-alone meals. And, for something a little more unusual, try grilling pears for dessert.Full-color photographs make it easy to decide what to grill, and each dish is accompanied by a photographic side note that highlights a key ingredient or technique, making Grilling much more than just a collection of recipes. An informative basics section and glossary fill in all you need to know to make grilling a favorite way of cooking for every occasion.Mastering the art of grilling is one of the most satisfying ways to share a good meal with family and friends. Whether it`s a T-bone steak, a salmon fillet, corn on the cob, or even pizza, virtually any food can be adapted to this versatile cooking technique and grilled with success.Williams-Sonoma Collection Grilling offers more than 40 delicious recipes, including both beloved classics and inspiring new ideas. In these pages, you`ll find grilling recipes for any occasion -- from a casual backyard barbecue to a more elegant dinner with friends. This vividly photographed, full-color recipe collection will become an essential addition to your kitchen bookshelf.

The Grilling Encyclopedia

The Grilling Encyclopedia


Whether you want to prepare an elaborate meal for guests or simply grill up a hamburger, A. Cort Sinnes`s The Grilling Encyclopedia is the ultimate Baedeker to cooking in your backyard. The heart of The Grilling Encyclopedia is a 270-page compendium of anything that can be grilled -- from vegetables, wild game, all varieties of fish and fowl, to the old standards, like steaks and sausages (over fifty varieties). Sinnes`s in-depth introduction discusses equipment (gas vs. charcoal, where to put the grill), starting the fire (safety) and keeping it going (charcoal vs. wood), and offers general guidelines (including a temperature chart and a variety of techniques). The alphabetical encyclopedia has entries on grilling an incredible range of foods, including all the favorites, like beef and chicken, and introducing many new ideas, like grilled parsnips and frogs` legs. The Grilling Encyclopedia is an essential resource for both the beginner and the expert.

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