vegetarian cooking for one

vegetarian cooking for one

vegetarian cooking for one

Looking for a fun (relatively cheap) vegan / vegetarian cooking class in New York?

Anybody know where you can find? Thanks in advance!

here you go: In Search of a class in New Jersey / New York - VegFamily Vegan ForumsI like taking a vegetarian cooking class. I'm having trouble finding one. I am located in upstate New York, New Jersey City area. Does anyone know of any? / forums / showthread.php? T = 1699 ... - 33k - Cached - Pages Similar organic vegan baked goods, organic gift baskets, and raw materials ... To live by bread Health offers a variety of wonderfully delicious vegan baked and unbaked goods and raw snacks. ... NYC, NY. 212-505-2232 ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages Raw Vegan Pies, baking healthy, natural foods, organic gift ... Delicious oven and bake vegan goods and raw snacks. Our organic products are all ... Bake for Health of New York, NY. 212-505-2232 ... / raw-vegan-pies.html - 13k - Cached - Similar pages [More results from] past-in hands fabulous kitchen for cooking classes in Manhattan Beach ... Here are our past classes. Some classes are repeated and some do not. .... Whether you're a vegetarian dedicated or vegan, on the fence, or taking into account that ... / past_fabulous_hands-on_cooking.htm - 52k - Cached - Similar pages Foraging With the "Wildman" Enjoy my tasty, innovative vegan recipes of wild plants and mushrooms recipes. ... of secret detention by the New York park rangers for eating a dandelion in Central Park! ... / - 4k - Cached - Similar pages gourmet macro dessert class in New York (natural) - Cybermacro ... macro cooking class in New York, coconut, Macrobiotic Cooking Forum ... Contact Us - CyberMacro - Macrobiotic, Natural, vegetarian and vegan foods - Archive - ... -- 48k - Cached - Similar pages SuperVegan - Park Slope Food Coop Vegan Kitchen Vegan Slope Food Coop ClassPark Cooking Class. In has the best restaurant guide New York and a comprehensive vegan link directory. / blog / entry.php? Id = 613 - 30k - Cached - Similar pages Fran Costigan:: diva of dairy-dessertsFriday free, 7 December, 6 - 9:30 p Natural Gourmet Institute, New York Vegan Desserts 101: Building a Foundation Sweet demonstration class ... / schedule.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages City of New York Vegetarian Guide - vegetarian restaurants ... The vegan guide to New York - c / o Rynn Berry, 159 Eastern Parkway, Suite 2H, ..... The food preparation classes, health fairs and advocacy to strengthen ... / city / NewYorkCity.html - 118k - Cached - Similar pages Natural Gourmet Institute - LinksNJ / New York (and beyond) Lagusta's --- Luscious Vegetarian food delivery service directed by Yearwood Lagusta vegan chef. NY / NJ / CT ... / html / links-p.html - 16k - Cached - Similar pages


Vegetarian Times, 9 issues for 1 year(s)

Vegetarian Times, 9 issues for 1 year(s)


Vegetarian Times is for those who want to eat healthfully and live longer. Each issue provides enticing vegetarian recipes, food photography, editorial perspectives on health, nutrition and fitness. It also includes profiles of dynamic people in...

175 Slow Cooker Vegetarian Recipes (Paperback)

175 Slow Cooker Vegetarian Recipes (Paperback)


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Vegetable Pakora by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Dropping meat in your menu ingredients often times alter the taste even as what would normally a mouth-watering recipe turns out to be “just another dish on your buffet table”.

Amid an age when people tent to be health conscious, the idea of replacing meat as an ingredient in a recipe has been a growing practice among people who may want to adopt into what is popularly known as healthy living --- less alcohol, drop smoking, regular exercise, dropping high-cholesterol foods and more vegetable on the menu.

But what would be a wise alternative to meat? Plant meat, veggie burgers, tofu, Tempeh, Seitan (wheat gluten) and beans make up the list of suggestions that may fit as substitute to the high-cholesterol meat products.

Plant meat, which is usually made to form what could be bought from the supermarket as veggie burgers is a good alternative to meat for ovo lacto vegetaqrian cooking.

Another is Tofu, which makes a great meal if accompanied by sauces because of its porous texture and nature. There is another type of such meat replacement, the wet Tofu which is recommended for baking, grilling, sautéing, and frying. Another type of this form is the Silken Tofu which could be as sumptuous as it could be when mixed with creamy sauces, desserts, marinades, and dressings. It is however a must that water is drained by way of putting pressure on it for about 15-20 minutes.

Tempeh, which comes from whole fermented soybeans, is another ideal meat substitute. Simply braise it in a flavored liquid before cooking it. Cooking of Tempeh usually takes an hour.

Seitan or wheat gluten for its part would best replace chicken meat products, while beans are at good alternatives for protein-conscious people who may want their ovo lacto vegetarian recipes in the preparation of soups, salads, stews and rice dishes.

But how does an individual create an ovo lacto vegetarian cooking pantry? Here are some tips and suggestions.


• Beans, canned

• Black beans

• Black-eyed peas

• Chickpeas (garbanzos)

• Great northern beans (cannellini)

• Pink beans

• Pinto beans

• Red or kidney beans


• Barley

• Bulgur

• Couscous

• Rice (long-grain brown, basmati, arborio, quick-cooking, etc.)

• Quinoa

• Wild rice


• Dark sesame oil

• Extra-virgin olive oil

• Light olive oil

Tomato products, canned:

• Diced, in 14- to 16-ounce cans

• Crushed or pureed, in 14, 16, and 28-ounce cans

• Tomato sauce


• Balsamic (dark and/or white)

• Red wine or white wine vinegar

• Rice vinegar (for Asian-style cooking)


• Barbecue sauce (great for broiling or stir-frying tofu, tempeh, or seitan)

• Pasta (marinara) sauce

• Pizza sauce

• Salad dressings (choose natural, low-fat varieties of your favorites)

• Salsa, tomato-based, mild to hot as you prefer

• Salsa, tomatillo

• Thai peanut sauce

• Stir-fry sauce


• Garlic

• Onions (yellow, red, or both)

• Potatoes, white (red-skinned are an excellent all-purpose potato)

• Potatoes, sweet (for fall and winter)


• Butter or margarine (both to be used quite sparingly; look for a brand that is free of hydrogenated oils and trans-fatty acids)

• Cheeses, shredded (low-fat if preferred, or soy cheese)

• Parmesan cheese, grated fresh (or if you prefer, try Parmesan-style soy cheese)

• Ketchup

• Lemons

• Mayonnaise (preferably commercially prepared tofu mayonnaise)

• Milk, low-fat, or soy milk

• Mustard, prepared

• Tofu

• Yogurts, plain and flavored

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Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies

Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies


Introducing one hundred delectable recipes for meatless everyday meals and special occasions, this companion volume to Being Vegetarian For Dummies also features a variety of menu suggestions, nutrition information, and vegetarian shopping tips. Original.

One Hand Cooking: Vegetarian

One Hand Cooking: Vegetarian


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Family Vegetarian Cooking (Hardcover)

Family Vegetarian Cooking (Hardcover)


A vegetarian cookbook everyone in the family can love!From the most trusted name in America comes an all-purpose vegetarian cookbook for families looking to change their diet, in need of midweek meatless alternatives, or dealing with the demands of one vegetarian in the household. There’s hearty fare for breakfast and brunch (so no one will miss the bacon and sausage!); a chapter stuffed with tasty cold-cut–free wraps and sandwiches; and a wealth of dinner choices from soups and stews to chilis, stir-fries, sautés, casseroles and more. A special bonus: The last chapter is especially tailored to families with one vegetarian member in the midst of meat eaters; these recipes yield both meatless and meat-filled portions with little extra fuss.Chock-full of fresh vegetable goodness, these 225 dishes are guaranteed to satisfy vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

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