vegetarian blog recipes

vegetarian blog recipes

vegetarian blog recipes

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I wanted a blog site where I can customize the design and mail art, recipes, tips and similar college admissions has good traffic. I'm not very fond of Blogger / Blogspot. Me Xanga love the format is because you can customize the layout, add a playlist and be creative, but do not get a lot of traffic there. Any other suggestions?

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The Happy Herbivore Cookbook (Paperback)

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook (Paperback)


A creator of the Happy Herbivore blog provides a host of vegan recipes, as well as helpful cooking and ingredient-replacement tips, allergen-free dishes, pairing suggestions, an easy-to-use glossary and more. Original.

Salad Days (Hardcover)

Salad Days (Hardcover)


Since 2006, Evan George and Alex Brown, a.k.a. the Hot Knives, have been posting fiery vegetarian and vegan recipes on their popular blog. From sauces with punch to decadent salads and reinterpreted comfort foods, the Hot Knives have attracted a dedica...

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Fall Food Trends: Kale + Vegetarian recipes

Make Cooking Vegetarian Quick and Easy!

To me it is very important when you are cooking vegetarian as a meal that it is filling and balanced. For more details go to: now when I say balanced I mean it has your veggies, protein and carbohydrates. I find that when people are cooking vegetarian it is easy to be low or non-existent on the protein part. The bottom line is if you don't include the protein, you are going to have a very hungry belly fast.

So what better way to get a protein than through lentils? These little legumes are very high in protein (26%). They are easy; they come in different sizes and colors. But they cook very fast from the dry stage. They are not like a regular legume, where they need to soak over night. So for this reason alone they make cooking vegetarian quick and easy.

Lentils are nice as well to ease the non-vegetarian into cooking vegetarian. I have made it clear in my previous blogs that I am not vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of vegetarian dishes. Because lentils are not like your regular larger legume, they blend into your dish. Instead of standing out. For can visit to: you can buy lentils that are green, brown, yellow, black and red in color. They can be split or whole. The red ones are usually split and one of the most popular. Because they are split they cook even faster. That is why I am going to be cooking vegetarian today with red lentils.

I am going to share a lentil soup recipe with you. My friend Norma shared this with me many years ago and it has been (no pun intended) a staple in our house. Now for you guys out there that is not vegetarian and wants to beef up this soup even more. You can add some cut up sausage to this; I would use a Chorizo or spicy Italian.

Belly Warming Lentil Soup
# 5 cloves garlic minced
# 1 large onion chopped
# 2 Tbsp olive oil
# 1 Tbsp cumin
# 2 medium carrots sliced
# 2 leeks chopped (whites only)
# 1 cup dry lentils (I use red)
# 1 tsp oregano
# 1 tsp basil
# 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
# 1 28oz can diced plum tomatoes
# 4c vegetable stock (chicken stock is fine for non vegetarians)

In soup pot sauté onions in olive oil until they are soft. Add garlic and sauté for a few more minutes. Lower heat and stir in cumin. Cook for another couple of minutes. Add carrots and leeks, toss for another 2-3 minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Cook for about 30 minutes. Or until lentils are soft. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve this with nice hearty bread and your belly will be happy.

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100 Best Vegetarian Recipes

100 Best Vegetarian Recipes


The award-winning author of 1,000 Vegetarian Recipes offers a fresh take on the art of vegetarian cookery in a compilation of her top one hundred recipes, including simple variations of such classics as black bean burritos, spinach lasagna, and hummus, as well as themed menu ideas, suggestions for stocking a pantry, vegan dishes, and meal-planning tips.

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