vegan sex toys

vegan sex toys

vegan sex toys

What kind of materials are vegan-friendly?

My friend works for the Lover's Lane and are putting together an environment vegan section on their website web! I am interested in being vegan, but I'm not sure what materials are considered sex toys vegetarian. It is medical grade plastic ok? Medical quality stainless steel? What I can or I can not use? I just want to make sure that if I go vegan vegan all my life. Thank you very much!

The Most sex toys are Vegan Friendly, but some use animal products. Why not plastic and stainless steel to be vegan friendly?

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On the Verge Going VEGAN episode 4: Condoms aren't vegan?

Sliquid H2O Personal Lubricant in Review

When it comes to finding a 100% natural personal lubricant that is all paraben and glycerin free the two sexual lubricants that stand head and shoulders above the rest are Sliquid H20 and Carrageenan All Natural Personal lubricant.

In this article, our primary focus will be on Sliquid H2O however we will also briefly talk about Carrageenan All Natural Personal lubricant since it is the one lubricant that both men and women alike seem to agree that feels most like a woman.

Sliguid H2O was formulated to emulate a woman's own natural lubricants by sensitive women who had sensible women in mind when they created this personal lubricant.

In other words, they wanted to make sure that they created a sexual lubricant that wasn't going to cause yeast infections or UTI's which is why Sliquid H2O does not contain any parabens, glycerin or other sugar derivatives like so many other lubricants on the market today.

One of the rather unique aspects of Sliquid H2O personal lubricant is the fact that it uses plant cellulose as a thickening agent and is 100% Vegan.

Sliquid H2O is perfect to use with a variety of different sex toys and is condom compatible meaning that it is safe for all sexual activities.

Basically, this is one of the better personal lubricants on the market and the only main difference between Sliquid H2O and Carrageenan All Natural Personal lubricant is the fact that the Carrageenan bottle was actually designed with a woman in mind which you are able to understand once you use it and second Sliquid doesn't have Carrageenan in it which has proven to be a very powerful and effective lubricant in addition to providing women with a host of health benefits as well.

In the end, Sliquid H2O is an excellent lubricant for anyone looking to expand their sexual pleasure and more.

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