vegan body jewelry

vegan body jewelry

vegan body jewelry

Help me name a vegan goods business / body jewelry?

I am interested in starting a business that has accessories such as jewelry vegan body, jewelry, stockings, and the like. I like names that reflect the animal rights and veganism, mixed with a tribal look ... I have considered: Primal Scream Primal Urge Primal Instinct Animal Instinct Compassion Fashion Do you like any of these? If not, what do you suggest? Thanks!

Me Compassion like fashion.

Account limit of 2000 requests per hour exceeded.
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Lenon Honor Answer Questions 9/12/09 Part 6 of 10

I want to introduct something about Pogo Pin Connector. Material and Finish: A. Body: C3604 5u" Au a) Plunger: C3604 20u" Au b) Spring: Stainless Steel B. Housing: PA46 + 30% GFRatings: A. Voltage: 12V B. Current: 1.5A/Pin C. Durability: 10000 cycles Packing: Carrie Tape 600pcs/ReelTotal Height Range: TH= 4.5~10.0mmFor this model, we also can design different height for the same connector that means one pin can be higher than the other such as PGC-1.5-6.8/8.4-R-2P-6.0PH and PGC-1.5-7.3/9.1-R-2P-6.0PH. Pogo Pin Connector mo
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, also known as BPAL, is an online company selling perfume oils. BPAL is owned by Elizabeth Moriarty Barrial and Brian Constantine, and is based in Los Angeles, California, United States.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is against animal testing, and tests its own products only on willing humans. The perfume oils sold by BPAL are blended by hand, using natural ingredients such as essential oils and absolutes. With the exception of those containing honey and beeswax, the oils are vegan-friendly.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is known for the gothic aesthetic of its website, framing product descriptions with snippets of poetry and category art (monochrome drawings or etchings) by Aubrey Beardsley and others.
While the initial impression may be one of catering to the pagan and gothic communities, the blends are inspired by works of art, mythology, folk superstitions, voodoo, classical literature, historical figures, pirates, carnivals, etc. Themes include aromatherapy, locations both real and fictional, devilish garden plantings, and deities and concepts from a variety of pantheons.
Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett: perfumes to benefit charities
In 2007 Black Phoenix announced and released a series of perfumes based on the works of Neil Gaiman. This series currently includes scents inspired by the novels American Gods and Anansi Boys. All profits from the Neil Gaiman-inspired scents go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. During the first three weeks, over $6,000 was raised for the CBLDF. A separate category for Stardust (which also benefits the CBLDF), was released in June 2007.
In June 2007, Black Phoenix also released a collection of perfumes based on Good Omens (co-authored by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett). Sales from this category of products benefit the CBLDF and the Orangutan Foundation UK. By the end of the first week of July 2007, Neil Gaiman announced on his blog that they had raised $1,500 for the Orangutan Foundation UK and the year-to-date fundraising for the CBLDF had raised over $15,000.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab currently produces and sells perfume oils in two sizes: 1/32 oz sample vials, officially called IMP'S EARSR (or simply "Imps"), and 5-mL (cobalt or amber) glass bottles. In 2006, it discontinued production and sale of oil available in 10-mL (cobalt) bottles across the majority of its scent catalogue. BPAL's sister company, Black Phoenix Trading Post, sells officially licensed BPAL-related garments, jewelry, statues, soaps and other bath and beauty products, as well as occasionally offering limited edition and special release oils.
BPAL also features monthly "lunacy" releases, which coincide with the full moon. These releases are different each month, following themes established by various mythological and lunar calendars. During this time, BPAL usually opens its storefront for one night during which customers can purchase oils and interact with the staff and owners.
Black Phoenix also has a sister site for the production of oils for spiritual purposes called Twilight Alchemy Labs.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has a fairly sizable following through the Internet, including a fan-run internet forum with over 16,000 members and several fan-run LiveJournal communities, some with over 1,000 members. Customers cite the appeal of the seductive product descriptions, the wide variety of scents, and the tendency of certain oils to vary in scent based on the wearer's unique body chemistry.
The large number of scents produced, with upwards of 1300 blends released since the company's inception, has lent the product a 'collectibility' aspect. Several online communities have sprung up around buying, selling, and swapping BPAL products. Coveted products (such as unavailable limited edition, discontinued products, and unreleased prototypes) can sell for high amounts on eBay (where one 5mL bottle sold for over $800 in early 2007).
In 2005, the Lab was named as the The Village Voice's Best of New York: Best Scent Indulgence for Your Inner Goth.
In April 2007, Weird Tales published a piece of original fiction entitled "Six Scents" by Lisa Mantchev, which drew its inspiration from six BPAL fragrances.
^ Sammy, Marissa (2007-02), "The Empress of Scent: A Story of Imps and Customer Obsession", Sequential Tart,
^ "Wren's Nest Notes (discussion)".
^ Immediato, Linda (2007-02-14), "Dark Shadows: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Uncommon Scents", LA Weekly,...(and so on) To get More information , you can visit some products about cement manufacturing, decal transfer paper, . The Pogo Pin Connector products should be show more here!

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Vegan B Complex 50 Tabs

Vegan B Complex 50 Tabs


This well-rounded B-Complex is completely vegan and has an optimal balance of the essential B Vitamins your body needs.

Vegan Family Meals (Hardcover)

Vegan Family Meals (Hardcover)


Ann Gentry`s Vegan Family Meals makes vegan cooking accessible for the time-strapped cook who craves delicious meals that are easy to prepare. Leading cooks inside the vegan pantry, Gentry demystifies how the vegan cooking process differs from vegetarian cooking by not relying on any animal by-products.Gentry proves with recipe after flavorful recipe that a multitude of options abound to create fast, delicious meals that are healthier than meat-reliant recipes. Consider beginning your day with Tofu Benedict with Roasted Corn Hollandaise, moving on to Herb Zucchini Soup for lunch, Lasagna Rolls for dinner, and ending your day with the decadent Chocolate Silk Pie with Cashew Crust.Large-scale studies have shown that mortality from ischemic heart disease was 30% lower among vegetarian and vegan men and 20% lower among vegetarian and vegan women. Additionally, those following a meatless diet tend to have lower body mass index, lower levels of cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and fewer incidences of heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, renal disease, osteoporosis, and dementias such as Alzheimer`s disease and other disorders.So serve a dish from Gentry`s Vegan Family Meals, and we guarantee each palate will be healthfully satiated.

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