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tricity, but without the element of shock. In many respects
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significant are these, — great pallor ; pasty look of the
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298-300.— Howie (P. W.) Gangrene complicating ty-
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the cord proiliiced loss of movement on the side of the hemorTlii
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on resting, and does not appear to become any more marked with prolonged
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tended to foreshadow and illustrate the formation of cells, and
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ary in the disinfection of houses, let it be under tlie most
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there. I seated myself by the capacious fire-place and requested the doc-
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its wide outlook over the national field it is in a
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the application of bandages and the kind to be preferred.
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a dull leaden hue. On the surface, particularly around the circumference,
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air, and to dissolve it in a fluid which might favorably modify the
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Artillery liegiment, to be Inspector-General ; Sur-
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experiences and dominant philosophic traditions of the
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except, it is probable, some blood-crystals — there may be only a cyst,
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baths were administered at intervals of four hours until the temperature was reduced
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ratory is a corporation and savors very much of a monopoly, it is
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disease in the lungs. Is there the smallest reason for supposing that this
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hoping that some of you New York surgeons will test the
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from the standpoint of the clinician, and only that substance was
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that afflict the stupid, magic-loving, civilization- veneered, or semi-
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and the lungs show no special changes peculiar to the disease except
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detracting from the fame of the gi-eat physiologist in question ; but the
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efficacy.* And until comparatively modern times, the em-
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We should be pleased to send you samples and literature upon request.
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is as much now as at any former period empirical ; physi-
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' - - - -..itriiuis ••:iiised by the actu»n of the intestinal pases iu caws of
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the increased quantity of albumen, and the striking diminution of
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blood-serum of healthy individuals, as well as that of
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cision was made with the other, from the ring of the abdominal
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dactad to the sensorium commune, and there reflected on the nerves devoted to the movement of respiration, so that
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have deducted from the statistical report of our army for 1864
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' The minimum lethai dose of crystalline strophanthin for cats as determined
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and an increase in the wave activity. These are suggestive but
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