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How to get rid of fat clumps? o_0 i dont know what its called LOL?

Okay so, im not that fat but i got like fat in my thighs, like it doesnt look fat and smooth. it looks flat and clumpy. i wanna know how to get rid of them, there not stretchmarks but there like this

the little climpys things in the back of her thighs&butt and i know if looks gross but i wanna know how to get rid of it, i saw an ad on t/v tht smooths it down but i kinda skipped over it cuhs i didnt notice it. Please no immature comments or weird comments i need help, its the summer and it looks relle gross when i wear shorts

its called cellulite.. and i wish i knew how to get rid of it lol

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Geox Shoes Today

Geox shoes have been developed to combat the inconvenience and unhygienic nature of foot perspiration. Although that doesn’t sound too pretty, Geox shoes on the contrary are heavily inspired by Italian fashion and as such, the Geox women’s shoes collection includes patent leather loafers and cute, stylish pumps.

The concept of Geox shoes arose after Mario Moretti Polegato took a walk in Nevada USA. The weather was hot and his feet began to overheat. To compensate for the intense heat he used a knife to punch tiny holes in to the soles of his shoes, which instantly cooled his feet. Mario then spent the next few years developing this concept and finally had success with the concept of Geox shoes for women in 2000.

Since then Geox have stormed the market because surprisingly, despite our feet having the third highest concentration of sweat glands in the body, the existing brands don’t quite offer a technology as appealing and physically obvious as Geox shoes and definitely don’t compete in the style stakes of the Geox women’s shoes collection.

The patented breathable technology is so simple to understand that it is easy to see how it would work, and it does work!  By using an out sole with punch holes that let air in and a specially designed internal layer that lets air flow out and in but stops water and dust getting in, Geox have mastered the art of breathable shoes. The system works well and does keep your feet dry and fresh even during log periods of wear.

To confirm countless customer testimonials regarding Geox’s outstanding performance, Geox carried out clinical studies in to their shoes and the breathable system. The studies showed an overwhelming difference in heat retention between standard shoes and Geox shoes. Geox dispersed heat much more efficiently and subsequently kept feet much cooler.

Geox shoes for women are now stocked across the high street and are also available from a good selection of reputable online retailers.

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