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Dr. Washington P. Timmerman is President; Dr. Albert
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result was in a large degree disappointing. "When a consider-
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the same as in other diseases, in the management of which all that is to be
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motion, and are attended with ill humor and disposition to chilliness or
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The comparative courses of pu'monary phthisis and insanity
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J. T. aged 33, hair-dresser, of West Street^ Spitalfields, was admitted
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other indication of havinrr taken the mercurv than drowsiness.
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there shall be an award of this amount every five years for the
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nostrum, or instrument, shall pay to the board a license of $ioo per
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To sum up the leading characteristics which show that this disease is distinct
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hours, until positive improvement results. In chronic cases, six
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tive lesion of the heart, for which she has consulted me
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providing that if the milk shall be shown upon analy-
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conditions, and I prescribe it with the greatest confidence. I
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prevent slight pain and uncontrollable sneezing. The gal-
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There are numerous other exceptions to this rule of parallelism of
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in part, and above all to obtain an index which should be directly
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applied repeatedly for several hours, is certainly one of the safest and
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placed as to render chewing impossible. Careful micro-
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should be simple, and as far as possible should contain
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Men who take reasonable care of their health are always well
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nuity of Dodlor Gall. As to his oblervations on the ftru£lure
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Cord. — The microsco[)ic lesions found in these two cases
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the diagnosis may frequently be made positive by means of the touch.
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When the calculus is situated in the cystic duct but pro-
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scientific research, and train and bring into use the artistic
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vinced in the fii'St instance, to yielding with a bad grace when
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have little work or exercise, and stand much in the stable
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attractive to ladies, and that they had followed him about in
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In 1763 and 1779 the smallpox committed dreadful ravages, having
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be useful, in order to determine the true character of
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teration and misbranding of foods, drugs, medicines and liquors,