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to the fullest possible extent. Vaccination and revaccination, in order to

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has an article attempting to show that hypnotism has

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physiology and general pathology, attended merely to the organ ; and

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nterior of the trachea reddened, and filled with frothy (mucous)

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Tissue of the Liver, and Around the Large Vessels About the Spinal

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in the use of the means of localisation for practical purposes.

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who remarks that in some other instances chloral has been found to give

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litaations, without any communication of the cases with each other.'

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in a lump, a piece fully a quarter-inch in length being excised ; the same being-

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rational treatment of the chronic complaints of the male

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the latter title to the whole class of defectives. Each of the major

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tinction between insanity and crime is that the criminal is supposed to be

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can reaflily be followed: (1) The costal vein runs along the anterior

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crepitate but little, owing in great part to the encroachment upon the air-

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delirium. Constipation. Maculopapular eruption noticed on evening

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11. The Artificial Drum-head, E. L. Mather, Akron. Discussion led

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especially if a detachment of the retina, with nodular form

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haunts in illimitable swarms and deposited their eggs in suitable

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and the subsequent rehpse, wei'e equally sudden and un» xpect-

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pharyngeal cavities in human subjects of cerebro-spinal meningitis,

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cision of all accessible tumors as soon as discovered, defer-

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firm, can be cured more rapidly than older people whose

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second week, except in severe and tedious cases. The leuko-

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The gland was punctured, and a dark brown fluid drawn off.

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the drinking waters may be the factor, which, more than anything, acts as their

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ic who had berated him for predicting the On the whole, I am bound to say that

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cause of deranging the nerve-centres to the extent of

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was on an average nearly three times the length of the base. The

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with the hepatic function, whilst in the description of its lesions, the condi-

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would have defied the skill and knowledge ? Asylum for Idiots. — In our foreign de-

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well as regards officers — viz., MM. Trousseau, Honorary Presi-

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three years of age, has constant pain in the lower part of the

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a. Joky pnln of aortk! recranrltatloii. Pinnin t^ oc

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"Measure as we may the progress of the world — materially in

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empty case till its wings have dried, when it flies away.

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hepatic disorder originally suspected. The ophthal-

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tumor began to increase very much in size ; the lower

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