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College of Pharmacy) the following glycerole as a substitute for

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The following table contains the records of all animals in the

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one ounce, flattened, and suspended diagonally across the centre of the thorax.

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Spear, J. C, Medical Inspector. — Placed on the retired list,

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superficial necrosis, or inflammation with more or less adherent pseudo-

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depend for their existence upon the neglect of sanitary

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-^ management of catarrhal conditions of the mucous membrane, adapted to internal

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offers the benefits of continuous monitoring of the patient’s

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result when given alone, even to persons with weak digestive

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imately equivalent to ten minims of tincture of best

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It must never be forgotten that the irritation of the pulmonary branches

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transferred to this hospital July 10th, and an examination

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with water only, and, without any stylet, is wound with a piece

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