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body by the death of Flourens, the celebrated physiologist.
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by mechanical irritation, as when foreign substances, i. e,, steel-
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tions, sinapisms, and blisters were applied, as the unceasing attention and
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are two contractable substances, a fibrillar and protoplasmic, giving different
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acquisition of civil rights therefrom : the principle is, however, the same.
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if the patients dine in the middle of the day and endeavor to continue their
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oxygen treatment ; and for the purpose of making the
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branes. Their injurious effects are seen in acute inflammations
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Koch before the International Congress in Berlin, was
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tion plant. Perhaps no city is more backward in its methods
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3. In a case, contributed by Dr. Monckton (Pathological
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pavement epithelium, the air-passages being lined with
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the idea that by having the whole skin affected and then
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