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best interest of the patient that the information not be
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own house work and considerahle sewing. She felt perfectly well until
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troductory remarks on statistics in general and a short review
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States the question of compensation for the reports has been
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quently present where, with such motives no longer existent, the
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moting evacuation of the uterus and checking hemorrhage,
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mendation of citrus fruits to prevent scurvy. Watson
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Pediatrician to the Cincinnati Hospital, etc. Cloth, 783 pages, 107 figures,
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mentioned above, the labor was entirely normal up to the
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good can possibly come from such means. It is also unjust to the pro-
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at the Women's Building and others at the National Museum,
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durance. If the cervix is already opened, forceps or version
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January 1978/New York State Journal of Medicine 121
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crania, and since then they have been examined by many
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Intravenous Nutrition in the High Risk Infant, New York, Wiley,
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ment; blood dyscrasias (including agranulocytosis), jaundice and
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The external form is the least dangerous and most fre-
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recognizes no state or county lines. Its universality is ex-
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sexual development. The demonstration of such lines back
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haustion. To make only one comment upon this anatomical
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with tenderness, and a linear swelling appeared along the
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he, for a fee, examined and diagnosed a certain bodily infirmity or disease of
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stroyed that no remnant of the appendix can be found. In another group
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serve a special niche in the Hall of Fame. These glaring in-
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improvement during both the second and third phases,
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organize and equip a series of hospitals along the coast of 1,000
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more particularly engaged in the study and prevention of infant
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in the family from tuberculosis. The dispensaries act as clearing houses
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Pneumonia: Solomon Solis Cohen, in the May number of the Critic
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presence or absence of active or latent tuberculosis in the patient, and
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from a college which requires four years of study. At the next session
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prescription is most valuable. This drug is often prescribed in the objec-
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Case P 2 showed a fairly low output of the drug on entrance
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homologues in soap solution. It is stated to contain 8 per cent coal-tar
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It can readily likewise be determined if both bone and cartilage
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Vilray Papin Blair, A. M., M. D., Professor of Oral Surgery in the Wash-
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horizontal and has retinal vessels on its upper edge and two
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this, work and finally over-work result. The types which are
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and Its Prevention — James Mel. Phillips, Columbus. Discussion: J. A.
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New York City in 1975, 513 volunteered to be questioned
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