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Committee's act, though they had somewhat exceeded their

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Dr. Sch.vrlieb, of London, believed in plugging with

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tain diseases, as typhus, diphtheria, small pox, malaria,

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loo£ affo:ted, in Via June aurab^r of Che Edin. Muidhly Jour, of Med. for the pr Bent yeir. A

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ning of the disease whether or not there may be suppuration.

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increase in the number of leucocytes in the peripheral circulation, to

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tifty-six observations derived from different sources, are to the effect that

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while at home, but would go to Carlsbad or elsewhere,

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* From a work by Dr. John W. Tripe, cited in the " Jahrbuch fiir Kinderheil-

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fell into a kind of exstacy, in which she lay with her eyes fixed, sensi-

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cation had a very visible effect. I repeated it about

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whistling (in trying this test the anterior nares should first be closed, as

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A syringe with supports at the piston end, by which it

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again experienced. The fever continued all night, falling in the early

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knowledge of their prophylaxis diagnosis and treatment. We

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than anything else. I have 50 cows and have not had a case in

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professions, you'll be entitled to the total benefit.

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stopped moving and have become detached. It is extremely rare in

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that if he let any member of his family use the con-

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but not changing at all imtil one year before I saw her, when

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tion of the choroidal ring. Veins slightly tortuous, no

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artificial expedient, liable to serious disturbance in times of

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his condition — that he should have been able thereafter to walk away through

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hemorrhage would be assigned to the pre-existing disease, and the evidence

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at all; reasons will be given for thinking that some of them do not act until

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thyroid, instability of the pulse rate and of the blood-pressure. The

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I do not believe in giving patients boxes of loose prisms

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leucopenia is very significant. The melaniferous leucocytes of malaria

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ludicrous actions. It has been quaintly designated "in-

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inferior vermis without having produced any cerebellar symp-

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can we claim that the disease has been "jugulated,"

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reviewer concerning the inutility of investigating the

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they are manifested by intense dyspnoea and stridulous breath-

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results from simple relaxation of the orifice. The point of maximum

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bart Amory Hare, M. D., B. So., Professor of Therapeutics and

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proposed by Mr. Barnard Holt, and of which Dr. Fayrer writes in

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cancerous diathesis, or " a peculiar habit or condition of the

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pulsat ;" while cholera much more commonly plants itself and dissemi-

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alarm — this practice the Board rightfully denounces, holding

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