earth shoes reviews

earth shoes reviews

earth shoes reviews

please review my poem?

This is my poem and I'd love to have it reviewed and criticized. "Rain Dancing" She sat on a bench mental health was cold from the rain pounding head cold soaking her dress catching her by pulling the sleeve over her son's son's cold rain the dancer in the rain can not contain her dress and shoes that the child of the rain runs only she can see the eyes watching live earth dances lull the world does not know no nothing but peace only in bare feet pounding the pavement wet feel it in the second line the word is supposed to be mental not metal

I like that. :) I think is really thinking. momentum. great job.

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Beauty From the Earth Review & Looks

Dont' Put off Travel! Do it For Your health's Sake!

Are you one of the millions of people who have a tendency to stockpile holidays? Congratulations! You are part of a growing number of people world wide who are doing so.

Why is this so? Why are people resisting taking holidays? After all, who doesn't look forward to a break from work? I sure do, and I know that many of my friends live from one holiday break to another! So what is the reason for this resistance?

Personally speaking, I just don't get it! It's hard to imagine that so many people appear to be so in love with their jobs that they can't bear to flex off from them from time to time. And let me just mention here, that if it's the case that they do so engage with their jobs, I would like to swap with them! Just joking!

Seriously though, could it be that people are saving up their holidays for a rainy day? What rainy day? When? Maybe they've decided it's that day when they can afford their luxury cruise, their five-star accommodation, or their ultimate escape, touring a specific part of the world, for a year or so. I have something to tell them in that case. Some of the best holidays I have ever had have been done on a shoe-string budget. I've camped and back-packed through Europe, I've lived in cheap hostel accommodation, and throughout that, have met some of the most fascinating, down-to-earth people in the world!

It occurred to me that many of them could have afforded much more comfortable accomodation. Money was not an issue, and yet, they elected to travel and interact with ordinary people doing amazing things!

The reality is, that when you elect to mix and share with adventurous, curious and fun-loving people, your life is enriched by what each of you has to offer.

For me, some of these travelers have become lifetime friends, people I never want to lose touch with! They have a wonderful sense of what is important in life.

One couple I met many years ago ran a highly-successful transport company. They had made their fortune through the business, but after ten years of working seven days a week, long days at that, they realised that they had not had one real break in that time. Moreover, far from being enriched by their wealth, they were, in fact, feeling exhausted and burnt out.

Their solution could have been to take a month in the Bahamas, or Europe, living in five-star luxury. They could also have joined a highly-organised tour through any part of the world. They could well have afforded that. But they realised that they needed to be with people, real people, people who would be doing ordinary things at an ordinary pace. And so, much to the consternation of family, they decided to take six months backpacking through Europe, opting for budget tours, budget accommodation, and dining also, on a budget.

Through long dinner conversations well into the night, they finally came to the realization that life had all but passed them by. But to their credit, the thing that concerned them even more was that for many of their employees, life had passed them by too. And so through these conversations they came to the decision that, when they returned home, they would review their company policy regarding leave and holidays.

I hope they did so, because the reality is that if people do not factor in an annual holiday, productivity suffers, mental and physical health are affected, and job losses become prevalent. I don't think I need specify the ramifications of that!

Perhaps in this economic downturn there might be a fear amongst employees of being seen as dispensable. If that fear exists, then surely is is up to management to allay those fears by assuring job scurity and by highlighting to people under their charge, the abolute necessity of taking a break for health's sake!.

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Maria Rattray invites you to embrace a lifestyle that affords time freedom. Feel free to find out more and "Contact Me" at:





Reviews (1908) is a volume of critical and literary views and reviews of Oscar Wilde about various subjects and writers. These reviews, illustrating the middle period of the writer's maturing career, between the aesthetic period and the production of Lady Windermere's Fan, reveal his opinions of the contemporaries who thought little of him. Some of the reviews are prophetic in nature, some are biased by hostile or friendly prejudice, others are witty and positive.

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