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and considered them of the same importance in the growth of plants as vitamines
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Fraulvl. Iiist., I'hila.', 1894. cxxxvii, 'J0(i-.!88. Also: Saii-
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their effects, is as yet only hypothetical. Nevertheless, the germ
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to the axillce for a time. He is in the habit of direct-
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the patient to believe counter-irritation was called for.
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(1911-1913), Alexander (1913), and others report the frequent pres-
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for a considerable length of time, the person who has undergone an
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and he was taken home on the latter date. He was up
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ANDREWS, M.D., B.Sc. Lond., M.R.C.P. Lond., Assistant Obstetric Physician to the
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happiness of expression and a less flowing and limpid style.
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to our brethren and solicited their application to the touch-
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ticular attention to the use of thyreoids in myxoedema. He
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The patient had a sitting every two or three days of fifteen
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attending it: but the true test for irresponsibility in all ambiguous cases
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produces the so-called exudation corpuscle or compound
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common variety, and next to this is where the blood is poured on
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throat." I then, of course, tried to explain to her the
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Leim-Gelatine als Reafieus ziim Nachweis tryptischer
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menstruation in the form of dysmenorrhoea, or may occur during the
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of complete obliteration. In the lymph-spaces the globi of
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times caused in the native (Indian) women by reason of the great narrowness of
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plete recovery," smaller doses having only a slight ameliorative effect.
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a son with normal i\vos, and a Hi'con<l dati^htor with pl<isis.
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the adoption of means for their division with cutting
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conspired with himself to live by sight as well as by faith, and had
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teeth ; externally, finely polished, so as not to irritate the raw
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at night ; nutritious diet, and agreed to call again in two weeks, at which
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few cases, however, serve to confirm the testimony of German surgeons
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very rapid, with tracheal riMes, the present condition having lasted
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of 7\ day- at which time this experiment was discontinued. In dis-
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has been used, I introduce my finger into the bladder. The