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physicians and surgeons ol' the day, Bouillaud, Bouchut,
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dren born to them: Madeline S., born February 19, 1883, died in
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be ini [Visible to si v when his medical ed'jca:ion be^an.
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exception, complicated by the presence of very small debris,
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1864-68 ; and attending physician, 1860-72 ; consulting physician to
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urethral membrane which bulges into the wound on the sound.
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should say, however, that such a mixture as the above is not
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art and going over to New York University to carry on the studies
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1866 he was appointed Resident Physician of the city of
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French Pharmacopoeia — 0*50 in one dose, and 2-50 grammes
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because expectoration grows increasingly difficult and finally quite impossible.
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the War of Secession the mortality was 847 per cent.; in
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enemies. He will not run, however, and on a few rare oc-
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hemorrhage. This is produced by profuse loss of blood, whether from the
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Now, here are five consecutive cases of effusion into the tunica
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extent that she wandered all day from one horse-car to another,
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to the- Asylum in an absolutely moribund condition, the death-
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than 4,000 patients in this war we only saw three or four
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with the physician are clearly objective, it is very necessary that
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and offers much other valuable reading. New York : D. Apple-
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by authors, — such as "inebriate automatism," "inebriate in-
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examinee : " Monsieur and I will breakfast together."
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of Christopher and Frances (Ebler) Haupt, who were both natives of
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man believed that he saw, and was seized by, a spectre, and was
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of not having been born a boy. It is a problem, moreover,
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excessive concussion — the shock of the column of air which
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Art/ILLIAM ALOYSIUS GILLEN, JR., M.D., of Brooklyn, was
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cine. Argentum nitricum?* In six months gained thirty-two
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allowable are tomatoes, sweet free-stone peaches, blackberries,
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and bled freely. A glareous plug of mucus protruded from the
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observed in the cranial bones than in the os innominatum.
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the academic course at the Bingham Military Academy, at Asheville,
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eral diseases is here concluded ; the diseases considered being
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pains, but occasioned much suffering by their duration and se-
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as much as possible from relapses by preventing his catching cold (vide in-
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of war surgery ; finally, because with them dressing is not
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inspire hope. The return of their own family doctor soon re-
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sensory, it would seem that the effect of the drug is expended
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quiet, and a portion of the time partially conscious ; a good deal
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Chicago, Illinois, who died in 1899. They were the parents of two
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invalidate the supposition that it was of an hysterical or functional
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adherent, that presents but slight suppuration, and that
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deserted spot, there might have been difficulty in making a differ-
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year he returned to New York, and entered the office of
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"All other things being equal, the tranquil-minded and rest-