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into the cerebrospinal fluid of a normal monkey. Meningococci
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more than another, or permit one school, whether its members
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inost terrible devastating enemies of humanity. Med-
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lesion or point of lessened resistance, and we have all that is required
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more deaths than is ordinarily the case. This is due to the savage
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the winter term will be ready for use. A design of the buildings ac-
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19. In this connection E. L. Sutton (Brit. Med. Jour., May 23, 1908, p. 1225),
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qpread, by the breaking down of more recent papules that come
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expect if there had been an escape of red cells from the vessels, and
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cardium and epicardium ; and a yellowish transudate in the
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sterilizer, in which instruments, after every operation, are
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On ray return I learned the child, a female, was born on the 19th July,
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variously placed. At first it was at the very beginning of the
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surface was easily traced for a considerable distance
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whole subject very interesting, and susceptible of more eluci-
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current should always be introduced and withdrawn carefully,
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through the epineural sheath, a suture of horsehair or some
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air, but not admit air from without. Of consequence the patients will
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upon anything that can be effected by legislation. The influence of the
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or rather, as in most cases, primarily, the meninges of the spinal cord, with
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tient can wipe it and handle it without experiencing the least pain. The
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press, bind up the hand and forearm carefully, and put it on a splint. The
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mothers of large families of children. In 1865 a young
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the fact, long ago jjointcd out by Wilks, that it is constantly seated
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tongues and promoted convalescence, nor had I any case treated
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! side " much distended, very thin, and torn into strips." In Case CCCXItI,
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there a moment's hesitation however intense the pigmentation may be.
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suppressed transpiration. 2d, From irritating substances in the canal
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tain characters affording presumptive evidence of syphilis. These
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ing out the sediment, and then flavoring with winter- ^M
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quinin-intoxication developed. There is a special stage of the life
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siness, and, what was most remarkable, he did not lose his appetite,
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Experiment No. 4. — Same details as in No. 3, but current
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the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. Octavo, 1132 pages, with 131 engravings
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