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inoiilliK) Cor t'ii(]it nioiitlis. Tlu' ()r<raniKin slill sliowcd llic above

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closing antero-posteriorly or those closing laterally.

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for six weeks, after which counter-irritants may be used.

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Unfortunately we are obliged to admit that the serums in the

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ous when the erythema is symptomatic of grave systemic ijoison-

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cases indicate the truth of the above assumption, and inculcate the

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Cobleigh has mentioned, both in private and consultation practice, and

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when the consumer buys not from him directly, but from

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dryness of the throat is on these occasions a symptom which causes much

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slow. Minor points like this, however, do not queer the

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This is not the age for mineral poisons, nor any other. What

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should be encouraged and constipation relieved. This is

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tempers are more or less sanguine, or their opinions apt to be

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Tracheotomy is to be employed in this disease, provided the obstruction

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instruments, their use and care, the examination of fresh material, injections,

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arise from this mode of treatment The frictioti was

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month of May. It appears with equal frequency during

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teach us more than our successes, and a long series of successful

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around the pons Varolii and in the sulci of the cerebrum and cere-

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stone lu the female bladder, one removed by lithotoniv, the other

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yet the relief it afibrded was considerable — more than

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has followed certain fashions. It is not so long ago that

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the period of convalescence, at a time when all danger seems to have

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(2) When an increase in evacuation policy follows a con-

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jaceiit Towns, that he has prepared (hy Peiini>sion of his Excel-

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result of inaction, and it is remarkable how, in some hemiplegic

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off the bladder," this is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. In the

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is abundant Leucorrhoea. On examination with the speculum, the os and cervix uteri

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where the head has not rotated well. In one case in which I

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Contribution to the Toxicoloyy of Bi-nitro-benzol and Nitro-

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microorganism is capable of doing. I gave him prac-

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curd tension, synthetic vitamins, and other important fac-

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position is that we know next to nothing of the whole subject. We do

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ment of the country along western lines will suflSciently provide for

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then gave her 3j of sugar of lead, and half a grain

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small elevations, corresponding in size to the point of a pin, appear

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in the output of urine. At this early period both albumin and glu-

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Happily for the patient as well as Practitioner, convulsions

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North Eutaw street. The following oflBcers were elected: Mr.

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The legislative might give such meaning under the act

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sistance, which, in the region under consideration,

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on the child were daily anointed with an unguent composed