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the patient will drink. Three times a day inject into the rectum

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former to 5,000,000 of the latter per each cubic millimeter by measure-

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Help for a troubled friend is only a phone call away.

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13th. A considerable quantity of pus flows from the right

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to parenteral therapy. Wis Med J.1994;93(5):203-205.

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change of water is necessary. The physician should own

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arrange whether he shall have the whole fine or part of the fine, because the Council has

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about three weeks, regained the use of the ^ with the narcotic solution of aconite and

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institution will be of the greatest possible advantage, and we

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" I am in no condition of health to write at all . . . the book

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ant to remember that this kind of atrophy is altogether unUke an

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agree with Mr. Savory, but we accept his contribution to the

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been cursed from time almost immemorial. It was surely not the immediate

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(From the Hospital of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.)

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trical power. By irritating the nerves of the organ,

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1'he following officers were elected for the ensuing year : President, William

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fore, to sum up in the matter of making a diagnosis,

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but there is a great probability that a cost of one cent

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active pursuits. This must be left for more competent writers, and such have

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stripped of all clothing, is enveloped in the sheet and then surrounded

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iris. The degree to which the accommodation was affected

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Sohaga, Tinkal(//mc?.), Sohaga {Beng., Duk., Pimj.),

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sedentery habit, tight lacing, faulty posture and pregnancy

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meni ; phthisic, tizik ; limb, lim ; condemn, kondem ;

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power of vaccine, but at present we can only say that if the vesicle and

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CLXXXIII. Second attack of albuminuria with anasarca — Dismissed relieved 807

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general habit of the patients confirmed the suspicion.

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The danger of injecting the gas into the pulmonary vessels has led

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tory, tubercular, ami cancerous j it may be associated with every form of morbid

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or grey, although the external coat be entirely white. This is inclosed by a small

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In a general practice the opportunity to study etiology

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silver dollar. The spleen and kidneys were not palpable.