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Professor of Orthopedic Surgery for ten years, and occupied the Chair
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lung diseases, tubercular problems presented fields for exhaustive
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therapeutic Association, and is one of its founders and was
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percussion shell fell and burst, in that angular zone in
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been consulting surgeon to the Hackensack (New Jersey) Hospital
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1820. He began practice in Albany, where he soon attained an emi-
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generally show rapid formation of pus, with more or less
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Ulcer in her Bowels, which might be the Occasion of her fre-
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are the doctor's medical corps of assistants. The nursing
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went to Lake Superior, and for a year practiced his profession. He
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made easy," in short, — he will be signally disappointed. The
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Universities of Heidelberg, Munich, Berlin, and Strassburg, from
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sumption and catarrhal disorders. The prevalence of pneumonia
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and altered his voice remarkably. He had frequent spells of a
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cocaine (made with Merck's crystals and with distilled water)
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Dr. Dudley married, July 15, 1884, Susanna Stephens,
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Immediate death is rare ; rapid death in a few days is
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the spinal cord was wholly original with me. A friend of mine sug-
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degree of M.A, in 1S54. Two years later he graduated
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medical journals and by published works. He descends from the
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absorbed in 1892 by the Society of the Lying-in-Hospital. Since
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of Ten Cases of Gastric Ulcer," etc., some of his earlier
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demonstration of the advantages derived from the use of
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Colon," by E. L. Melius, M.D., Worcester; "A Case of Psoria-
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who was then a young married woman of about twenty-
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called to Mr. Osborn, who, I was told, had a bone in his throat,
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whatever to do with the cure properly so called : the germ theory,
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Brooklyn, New York ; consulting gynecologist to St. Joseph 's Hospital,
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Denman's ' ' Midwifery, " with notes by himself. The following year,
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vertebral column, which then becomes an absolutely rigid rod from the os
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Society; of the New York State Medical Society, of which he was
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as a result of gastroptosis, although, of course, this is entirely incorrect. The
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force than those from a greater distance. In general, these