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one of those little great advances which distinguish men of his class.

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Diseases of the nervous system play a much smaller role than

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The wound healed by granulation. Patient wasdischarged,

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in studying other spinal cases, and it was possible that it might

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To this employment, however, certain impediments sometimes

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days, weeks or months together, may induce general dropsy,

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attack of pain in the abdomen on the right side induced her to call

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of his christening, attended the State fair at Easton, Pa., last week. The old

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7. Give treatment of severe erosion and eversion of

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heat, and of evaporation from land and water as each is exposed to the

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remained. Even before reaching the present limit, the dose was

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and having its lower end plunged in a solution of boric acid

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ravages among all civilized nations. On account of its fearful

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Mr. Otway gave notice that he should renew his opposition

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are not wilfully blind to the truth. We shall dismiss the subject by ob-

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cal characters of blood, — as the presence of blood-corpuscles or their

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such cases does not, in my experience, differ materially

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the disease was due to a deranged secretion of the thyroid gland, experience

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had tlie charge of the hospital ; that he has scarcely ever known

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nistered in the form of powdered leaves. The irritant action of this powder

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hydrotherapeutlst. etc.. — people we think too little of,

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of metallic mercury (7 = 1 grain nearly) injected

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anterior third of the inferior turbinated bone. Naturally

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the left side of the neck in the situation of the thyro-

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MASSALONGO. Policlinico, Rome, 1895, ii. p. 481. 176. MENZIES. Journ. Ment. Sc.

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and aimed directly at the heart. I saw him two hours later

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should by no means be considered in any other light than an unsafe

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she had then excoriation of the os uteri, which was healed in little

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is claimed not only to cure or relieve the appetite for alcohol, but

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Enormous deposits of tubercle bacilli may be found everywhere

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nal incision did not enable him to find the urethra ; this, however, he discovered

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had few equals, and in this he even bettered the instruction of his master,

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state it constitutes the second species of poison. The Java-

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off pleasantly, and followed by a free discharge of fetid matter. A free