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to purge pregnant women and to advise moderate exercise and
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upon said governors, keepers, wardens, and managers to
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fibro-cartilaginous consistence at the surface, nearly one inch
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largely a matter of inference, since there has been but small opportunity
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that it should be rarely if ever prescribed. In the discussion that
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of the fistula, the mouth being applied to the other, and thus they are pro-
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left side of the trunk, sudden intense local pain, collapse symptoms, and
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palpebrarum the eye cannot be closed, etc. The various move-
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not slip, I hid introduced a female catheter through
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stamp of national characteristics. There is an English school,
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superintendent-general, Mrs. James S. Higginbotham, about
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the suppurative process, and set np septic phenomena
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tape, and many other things may be used. Before the splints are
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grains of hard-boiled white of egg in from twelve to twenty-
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disease, large, long bacilli which formed undulating threads,
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passage of the head even when compressed, and yet not so great as to
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uncommunicative and denied ever having any S)rmptoms or signs of
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globin ; in fact, according to Ponfick, it is not until the separated hsemo-
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Surgery V (Orthopedic). Drs. Pennock and Eaton. Lectures and dem-
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tissue. Lactic acid is indicated in superficial circumscribed ulcers of a
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the umbilicus. Dr. A. A. Jones reported a case of measles
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erable curve, first outward, then downward, and afterwards
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the resins, or cantharides, the absorption of cantharidine from
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College of Surgeons; Senior Assistant Surgeon, St. Mark's
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Barley Water. — Wash clean two ounces of pearl barley ;
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tered, succeeded b}" the persistent use of pitch internally. The
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nal thought and civilized ways to settle things, but you
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little load which it has picked up on its road from the finer
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1899. He obtained a B.S. degree from Hamline Univer-
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I congratulate the people of North Caro- tent on the fatness of one's purse, and who-
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topics for nearly an hour, with a friend who had not met him
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All the cocks governing the tubes of the apparatus may
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a scar, the injury may be either over well known centres, motor or otherwise, or
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2. The toes being strongly bent towards the sole, a similar in-
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Jaquet's sphygmograph to a movable padded metal frame, in order to avoid com-
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common to all. Two were the subject., of hard effusions about
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has never had a day's serious illness. The X-ray pictures by Dr. Iron-
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but sufficient for physiological demands. Inclined to be fretful,
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layers, the \'irus is entirely destroyed by drying in four to five days.
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tomosis is indicated, especially in low ileal obstruc-
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deal, from the production of pus to the formation of a neo-
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By a curious perversion of language this word university has come
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the entrance to the Diagnostic Nuclear Medical Section. This space would be
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of the disease. On the other hand, he did assign this relation to a species
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only the minority passing it successfully. The exclu-
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to invert the cup without spilling the contents the sputum crudum
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steadily and permanently, if gradually, lifted higher year by
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The third case, aged two years and five months, a first living
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children, without the thought, or certainly without the act, of